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Oslo Challenge, November 1999

The child/media relationship is an entry point into the wide and multifaceted world of children and their rights -- to education, freedom of expression, play, identity, health, dignity and self-respect, protection -- and that in every aspect of child rights, in every element of the life of a child, the relationship between children and the media plays a role.

Participatory media in civil society

Children are among the most marginalized people, yet their profoundly urgent issues remain on the fringe of national debates. YMCI proposes to demonstrate the benefits of turning children from objects to subjects in the media because:

  • Children want and have the right to speak out;
  • They have fresh and interesting things to do;
  • They have a different perspective from adults;
  • Some issues (such as education, play, child abuse) affect children more than they affect adults, so their opinions and experiences are vital;
  • Sharing what children have to say increases mutual understanding, helps narrow the generation gap, and benefits community development; It boosts children’s self confidence and helps them develop their potential;



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